Chloé Fernström

Er affärsadvokat i Bordeaux


Eftersom vår huvudsakliga verksamhet är förlagd till Frankrike innehåller vårt nyhetsarkiv framförallt artiklar som behandlar franska nyheter och som är skrivna på franska. Här visas endast artiklar på engelska. Byt språk för att konsultera artiklar på franska

Photographers’ copyright and bloggers personality rights in the framework of the Fashion Week

13 oktober 2017
Aside from the 2018 spring-summer Fashion Week taking place these days in Paris, the #NoFreePhotos movement was born from a group of street style photographers in order to report the unconsented use of their photographs by brands, influencers, bloggers, who largely release those, in particular on social media, without permission and, too often, without crediting ...
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Conquête de nouveaux marchés et choix du mode de commercialisation de ses produits ou services

6 mars 2017
Every company wishing to develop their activities internationally is confronted with the complicated issue of their marketing method and type of presence abroad. Given the high costs induced by hiring a local sales force, companies often tend to outsource their sales effort through trade middlemen. In this respect, several options may be considered by companies given their development ...
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Beware of the big bad French provision sanctioning the sudden termination of a business relationship!

22 november 2014
Article L.442-6, I, 5° of the French Code de commerce sanctions the abrupt termination, whether total or partial, of an established business relationship and subjects the author thereof to compensate damages resulting from the suddenness and brutality of the aforesaid termination in the absence of notice period or when said notice is deemed too short. Practically ...
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The class action à la française is now in force

27 augusti 2014
After decades of debates and several failed attempts, a law adopted on 17 March 2014 introduced a mechanism of class action into French law with the goal of reinforcing consumer protection and providing consumers fair compensation. A decree enacted on 24 September 2014 set the date of entry into force of this action to 1 ...
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