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Chloé Fernström

The difficult choice of a marketing method while expanding into new markets

Every company wishing to develop their activities internationally is confronted with the complicated issue of their marketing method and type of presence abroad.

Given the high costs induced by hiring a local sales force, companies often tend to outsource their sales effort through trade middlemen.

In this respect, several options may be considered by companies given their development strategy, human resources or knowledge of the targeted local market.

For instance, if a company wishes:

  • to develop their own local clientele while controlling the sale price of their goods or services, they may chose to be assisted by commercial agents;
  • to pass on most of the marketing process, they will probably chose to deal with a distributor;
  • to enter a new market incognito, the best choice could be to work with a commissionner.

Working with brokers or service providers could also be suitable – and yet lighter- solutions.

Choosing between these different marketing methods can be tricky as it requires a good knowledge of each of their benefits and drawbacks.

We are here to guide you through that choice, taking into consideration all the specificities of your business.

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